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Signostics Sees Rapid Traction in Nursing Care Market with AI-Driven Bladder Tool Uscan™

August 24th | 2017
Company applying the emerging field of artificial intelligence with extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to solve common every day problems in healthcare

Signostics, a subsidiary of EchoNous and a KKR portfolio company, has seen the rapid conversion of nearly 20% of U.S. healthcare systems to its Uscan intelligent ultrasound tool since the product’s launch just last year. Utilizing a fusion of artificial intelligence and the extreme miniaturization of ultrasound, the new Uscan more precisely measures bladder volume and bladder wall thickness, resulting in significantly higher first-time measurement accuracy for nurses using the device. The growing market preference for Uscan is highlighted by a three-year agreement with Ohio-based Excelerate Strategic Health Sourcing enabling this top tier GPO to deploy the device for improved and more accurate bladder imaging.

“Unlike conventional bladder scanners, we are applying the emerging fields of artificial intelligence, including deep and machine learning, alongside extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to solve common every day problems in healthcare,” said Signostics CEO Kevin Goodwin. “The UScan is a simple-to-use, cost and time-efficient device that, beginning with bladder and kidney care, is dramatically increasing first-time accuracy, saving nurses time and improving catheter decisions by using ultrasound in patient care.”

Uscan requires only a simple fanning motion over the bladder to derive a highly accurate first-time measurement. The device captures 32 times more imaging data than conventional bladders scanners, recording 256 bladder data slices in each fan, then running this rich data set through a computer vision-based algorithm to produce a high-resolution 3D model of the bladder. Offering clinicians industry-leading accuracy, healthcare providers can then make fast and accurate decisions to potentially reduce unnecessary catheterizations and associated urinary tract infections, which cost hospitals millions of dollars each year.

“Beyond bladder and kidney care, we intend to apply our miniaturized, AI-driven, intelligent ultrasound tool to the challenges of peripheral IV access in early 2018,” continued Goodwin. “Based on our use of machine learning we are driving point and shoot simplicity, for a ‘see one – do one – teach one’ experience, which will lower the training burden for all types of users. We foresee the application of AI enabling a big step forward in training and usability of our devices.”

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