Personal Ultrasound

Signos RT, the world’s smallest and most affordable completely portable ultrasound system now makes ultrasound technology accessible and easy to use – for all users from the novice to the experienced.

Like a stethoscope, it is small enough to carry in your pocket or wear around your neck. Providing outstanding image quality, this award-winning designed palm-sized device weighs less than 400 grams and is ideal for quick and simple point-of-care applications such as eFAST scans, pneumothoraces, AAA screening, bladder volumes, basic pregnancy assessments and ruling in obvious pathology.

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Signos Real-Time Personal Ultrasound

Offering the same great features of the original Signos device - Lightweight, Portability, Affordability and User-Friendly Interface - with the additional benefit of Real-Time Imaging capabilities, making it a truly portable and flexible point-of-care imaging tool.


Availability in some countries will be dependent on regulatory clearance.
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What are medical professionals saying about Signos RT?

"This is the closest I’ve seen yet to the ideal combination of a cheap, pocket sized machine and good image quality."

Dr. Justin Bowra

"The opportunities to roll out more community based care and empower community midwives to take on more responsibilities in the home settings are significant."

Prof. Elaine Madden

"Of the hand held instruments, the Signos RT has stood out in many respects."

Dr. Pat Allen

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